About Neuvasa

Neuvasa- Luxury | Bespoke | Smart

Luxury to us is all encompassing. It permeates every aspect of our lives. We define Luxury as follows:


True to design

Container homes can come in wide range of sizes and designs. It’s only the imagination which holds us back. With our prefabricated container houses, we try to transcend the imagination while staying with in our design brief.

Honest materials

Luxury demands that the materials that we use be natural or close to their natural counterpart. And that to be used correctly and finished beautifully.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Experience

The indoor-outdoor experience is a defining feature of our design and it means that from every room of your container home you will feel connected to the outdoors. Whether a farmhouse or a mountain retreat, part of living in a Neuvasa home is feeling connected to the place which you choose to live.


At Neuvasa we feel less is more. while we do not encourage spartan living we try to not over crowd our homes. The space is just right in terms of size and furnishing. Our rooms exude a sense of warmth and intimacy and make living in a Neuvasa home a complete pleasure.


What could be better than a home that is tailor made to your specifications?


At Neuvasa we aim to bring your imagination to life. These Bespoke homes are designed to cater every aspect of your life.


Your Neuvasa home personalized in size, materials, aesthetics to fit you perfectly.


A home built in a controlled environment with rigorous checks by professional. Quality control checks are performed at every step of the way to maintain a predictable construction process. Hence the product delivered is superior in quality and detailing.


Neuvasa homes are nothing if not smart and self-reliant. The following factors make a Neuvasa smart:


Built in a factory setting a Neuvasa gets built faster, with higher quality standards, and with less waste than a standard home.

Plug and Play

These container homes once built in the factory are then transported to the site for installation. The process includes minimal fuss. Once installed and connected to electricity, water and sewage your home is ready to be lived into and enjoyed.


Neuvasa gives you the option of automating your homes in terms of security, lighting, curtains etc. We tie up with the best in the industry to give you a hi-tech living/ working space.

At Neuvasa – our passion, intent, experience and partnership help us deliver your imagination to your door step.


About Knock on Wood

Over the last 18 years, our dream has grown into a state-of-the-art furniture design and manufacturing unit, spread over a few thousand square feet. We are a team of 63 full time employees and several partners and vendors.

We use the best of equipment and latest technology and at present, are one of the few furniture design houses in India with captive hi-tech machines like 5 axis router, metal laser etc. Knock on Wood is a subsidiary of India’s largest mobility solution creators – the JCBL Group. Our manufacturing facility is located on the 40-acre JCBL premises, and draws on the technical expertise, advanced technology and R&D excellence to engineer truly unique designs.

With national and international awards to our credit, our design capability is recognized around the world.


About JCBL

JCBL Limited, one of the renowned and committed Mobility solutions Company in India was formed in 1989, with a mission to design and manufacture high-quality buses and load carriers that are innovative in style and engineering whilst maintaining standards of reliability. Our relationships (Joint ventures) with various world-renowned companies, like Stratiform give us the experience and technical expertise to produce world class products.  With our well-known presence in the transport industry for over 32 years, we are committed to satisfying the needs of the customer market both locally and internationally. With a DNA to innovate JCBL offers a large selection of products in the Indian and international market,

JCBL provides custom automotive modifications and a wide range of products, including- Luxury Buses, School Buses, Special Application Vehicles, Motorhomes, Ambulances, Cargo Containers, Armoured Vehicles, Tippers & Tip Trailers, Heavy Haulage, Agriculture Implements.

JCBL has a strong customer base consisting of leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Swaraj Mazda, Eicher, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, State Transport Undertakings (STUs), providing transport solutions to prime fleet operators, schools, and institutions in the country. The company rolls out around 5000 buses/luxury coaches per annum.